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Welcome to Fuel Four Life: Goldie Inspired Eating and Living!

Shell Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Goldie's 2nd Annual Expedition

Shell Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Goldie’s 2nd Annual ExpeditionWelcome to Fuel Four Life; Four real friends enjoying real life and real food.

With this blog we will share a range of life inspiring information such as; recipes, the reason behind our food choices, health related tips, our favorite things, and last but not least, some of our wonderful life adventures. Our recipes are built using organic, wild harvested, and/or local whole foods to the fullest extent possible. When selecting the ingredients, we not only consider our physical health but also the well-being of our earth’s natural resources. Our friends and family have been asking us to share this information for years, so ask no more!

We are known collectively as “the Goldies”. Our friendship began because of our mutual dedication to the environment; the four of us met through connections as career conservationists (forestry and water resources). Early in our friendship, we decided to embark on a women’s only wilderness camping adventure into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in northern Minnesota. If you haven’t been: this camping consists of carrying all of your supplies in a canoe across the water and over the land until you find the perfect camping spot among the sky blue waters and endless shades of towering evergreen trees, miles away from civilization. Once at camp, one must gather firewood, set the tent up, and prepare for catching the next days food. This experience, and the many that followed, led us to develop a bond based on our shared view of healthy food as the fuel for feeling great in order to enjoy living life to the fullest. Six years, many adventures and over 100 recipes later we decided to start this blog to share inspiring, energizing recipes with friends and family.

A goldie camping adventure! Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm!

A goldie camping adventure! Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm!

Each of our posts reflects our individual personalities and the elements that we bring to the friendship: ENJOY!

Fire Goldie:  Annie is a born fire starter, and a born leader.  She is always trying new things and sharing her findings with her family and friends! Annie believes that food is medicine and we should trust our instincts to do what is best for us. She is confident and assertive and uses these skills to be an incredible encourager to her friends and family (who all agree she would be an amazing life coach!) Professionally, Annie works to develop and implement environmental policy at the state level.  She infuses her passion for protecting land and water into her work. Annie LOVES being outside and enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding, and foraging. She is loving life as a new mom and is excited to incorporate her daughter into her outdoor activities!

Water Goldie:  Tiffany is strong – like the force of water.  Mentally and physically she is continually striving to improve and encourage others to think positive; she can always see the blue sky behind the clouds.  She loves running and strength training.  She is also the official BWCA guide for Goldies trips!  Having been raised on the “Range” of Northern Minnesota, BWCA excursions have been a regular part of her entire life. Professionally she works as a District Manager for a local unit of government where she applies her strong life skills to increase community engagement in ways that positively affect water quality.  Gordy a Parson Russell and Rocco and Jack Russell are her boys – adored by her and husband Shane.

Earth Goldie:  This would be Gina.  She is grounded in her Christian faith and depends on it to guide her as a mom, a wife and a forester.  She is a sincere, caring, well-spoken and humble woman; deeply touching the lives of everyone she meets. Gina is a library of information in regards to forestry and native plants! She is completely infatuated with cycling and cross country skiing and her incredible endurance shows it; don’t even try to keep up with her!  Her favorite clean healthy staples include raw, grass fed milk and yogurt form a local farm, freshly ground organic grain for fresh bread, venison, grass fed beef, local organic eggs from cage free chickens and lots (I mean lots) of vegetables!

Wind Goldie:  Jaime is spontaneous, easy going and free-spirited.   Like the wind she brings a freshness; a bright disposition and a fresh perspective to the mix! It’s always good to look at things in a new way – that’s how problems are solved!  Jaime’s work as a Water Resources Specialist with a watershed district gives her satisfaction in truly making a difference in the world of water quality (what would we have without clean water?). Jaime makes the best salads on earth – we all strongly agree on this!  She especially likes to explore easy ways to make delicious, wholesome food so she can spend more of her time outdoors.  The Goldies love to accompany Jaime on walks through the woods were she shares her love and knowledge for all things fungi!


Gina (Earth Goldie), Annie (Fire Goldie), TIffany (Water Goldie), and Jaime (Wind Goldie)




  1. I LOVE the description of your goal for this blog! Each Goldie description is spot on. Ok, actually, the entire page made me cry! 🙂

  2. Many thanks to Gina for introing me to your blog. I look forward to using your healthy recipes. You might be interested in a chilled cantaloupe and apricot soup I recently made for a summer girls only dinner party.

    Boil for one minute 3/4 C dried apricots in 1 C dry white wine and 1/2 C water. Remove from heat and cool for 30 minutes. In blender puree apricots with liquid, pulp of 1 cantaloupe, 1C white grape juice, and up to 3T honey. (Must be blender, not food processor or you can easily have leakage over your cabinet and floor.) Chill 4 hours or overnight–the longer the better. Serve with slivered almonds and drizzle of yogurt or heavy cream.

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