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Get Creative!

In the lunch room people often say: “what are you eating???” I might respond with: “an egg on top of oatmeal OR roasted buttercup squash with peanut butter and jelly OR a grass-fed hamburger with roasted butternut squash skins in a cabbage leaf and it tastes AMAZING!” Their response: “OK, I wouldn’t have thought of that.”

That’s my point- get creative folks! If you have leftovers and need to use them up combine them ,you might be surprised. Heck, you might even find your new favorite snack!

Pictured: last time I made butternut squash soup I had squash skins left over.  I HATE wasting food so I drizzled some olive oil on them and roasted them at 450 degrees until they were crispy delights.  That very same day I was making some hamburgers.  That’s when the idea came to me: OMG these would probably taste great with the burger.  Then I had another great idea: OHHH, I have some cabbage, I could use that as a bun! YA baby! As I swaddled the burger in the bun I decided that I would put the squash in with the hamburger to keep it company and WALA!  The delicious combo was born.  I might never make this combo again because it would be a hassle to roast the skins just to put in the burger- BUT, it was a creative way to use what I had and tasted dang delicious!

So, next time you have leftovers think outside the box. You might be surprised!