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Get Creative!

In the lunch room people often say: “what are you eating???” I might respond with: “an egg on top of oatmeal OR roasted buttercup squash with peanut butter and jelly OR a grass-fed hamburger with roasted butternut squash skins in a cabbage leaf and it tastes AMAZING!” Their response: “OK, I wouldn’t have thought of that.”

That’s my point- get creative folks! If you have leftovers and need to use them up combine them ,you might be surprised. Heck, you might even find your new favorite snack!

Pictured: last time I made butternut squash soup I had squash skins left over.  I HATE wasting food so I drizzled some olive oil on them and roasted them at 450 degrees until they were crispy delights.  That very same day I was making some hamburgers.  That’s when the idea came to me: OMG these would probably taste great with the burger.  Then I had another great idea: OHHH, I have some cabbage, I could use that as a bun! YA baby! As I swaddled the burger in the bun I decided that I would put the squash in with the hamburger to keep it company and WALA!  The delicious combo was born.  I might never make this combo again because it would be a hassle to roast the skins just to put in the burger- BUT, it was a creative way to use what I had and tasted dang delicious!

So, next time you have leftovers think outside the box. You might be surprised!

“Guna” Salad


Besides the chopping, this is a super easy recipe!

This is one of my favorite lunch salads! I typically munch this during the summer but it’s also great in the fall, winter and spring!  Like most of my week-day lunches I make a large batch of this on Sunday and then eat it all week long.  My husband can’t stand to eat the same lunch all week; me on the other hand- I certainly don’t mind!guna-ing

This recipe has been served and devoured during several Goldie outings.  I recently made this for a snack when Uncle Steve and my Momma stayed over at my new house (thanks guys, it was so much fun to have you here!).  We ate it several ways: wrapped in cabbage leaves, on top of cucumbers and zucchini, and on crackers.  It was great and raved about every which way. My mom asked me to post this recipe. Mom this one is for you! XOXO

Makes 4-5 3/4 cup serving


2 Cups of Garbonzo Beans (I cook my own in a crock-pot because they get nice and creamy but you can  use canned too).

2 medium Organic Carrots-shredded or chopped fine (I like to go heavy on the veggies, you may want to start with one)

2 stalks Organic Celery-chopped fine

1/2 medium Onion-you guessed it-chopped fine

3 Tbsp whole grain mustard

2 Tbsp Veganise (found in the natural foods section) mayonnaise would probably be fine too

2-3 Tbsp Bragg’s Aminos (a must! Found in the natural foods section and is similar to soy sauce)

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

Cabbage or lettuce leaves (for wraps) or zucchini and cucumber slices for crackers.


Mash Garbanzos with a fork, add all of the ingredients and mix. DONE! Fell free to add more or less of all of the veggies and condiments.  I make this different every time- in addition to the basics you can put any veggie that would go good in a tuna salad.  FYI- I tend to go heavy on the veggies because it bulks it up and helps my tummy feel full. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE to feel full?guna-wrap


On-the-Go Cabbage Wraps

Certainly you have had them; those days when you need to be constantly on the run to meetings, appointments, errands or all of the above. You hardly have time to notice that you’re low on fuel, but guess what, your body knows! You need to stay fueled to do life to your full potential. Cars aren’t designed to run on fumes and neither are we!  So, why not go into those days prepared to stay energized and be productive?

I am especially excited about this post because it really epitomizes our vision for this blog – to inspire and encourage others on their own journey of clean eating.  With each healthy new idea you embrace you will feel better physically and as you play with your own new flavor combinations you will nourish not only your physical body but also your mind and your creative spirit.

I had a on-the-go day last week when I knew the only time I would be able to eat would be while driving.  I needed something portable and not messy.  Above all I know I would need protein and healthy fat for sustained energy and that my body would demand a source of good complex carbs.  Of course, vegetables are a must for micro nutrients, fiber, color and flavor!  From what I had on hand I put together a delicious portable lunch in it’s own edible wrapper.

The beauty of the recipe lies in it’s flexibility.  I can think of several other combinations that I want to try!

On-the-Go Fuel

2 large cabbage leaves (cabbage in on the Clean 15 List – so if you can’t find organic this is a safe conventionally grown veggie to buy)  If you don’t have cabbage on hand consider organic romaine, organic kale, organic swiss chard or organic collard greens.

1 cup roasted cauliflower and carrots (any roasted vegetable could be substituted here)

1/2 cup garbanzo beans (lentils, adzuki or black beans would also be excellent)

2 oz. pasture raised roast beef (This is what I happened to have on hand in the fridge – make this vegetarian by omitting meat altogether.  If you omit the meat consider to upping the legumes or adding a complimentary protein such as brown rice or quinoa)

Coarse ground sea salt

Fresh cracked pepper

Nutritional yeast

Nestle cabbage leaves in a re-usable container.  I find shallow, rectangular containers with a tight fitting lid work best.  Add 1/2 of meat, rice or quinoa to each leaf.  Layer on roasted vegetables and legumes.  Season with sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and nutritional yeast.  Snap the lid on and you are ready to head off to do your day, prepared to stay fueled!

Great lunch for when you are on the go!

Great lunch for when you are on the go!

Enjoy!  Gina

Super Power Kale Salad w/ Roasted Jeweled Yams

I love kale! Kale gives me super powers; I like to eat it raw, sauteed, roasted, soasted (see Gina’s Soasted kale recipe-coming soon I hope!), powdered, steamed, in soups, as chips, as wraps….you name it, if it has kale in it i want to eat it.

My favorite kale is lactino dinosaur kale (a.k.a. dino kale): it is the large flat leaved kale. The other types of kale are generally really curly and frilly looking; they are still good and will do if dinosaur is not available.

Note: Kale in on the Dirty Dozen list; conventionally grown, it attracts many pests and must be sprayed with multiple chemicals including hormone disruptors, carcinogens and neurotoxins= buy ORGANIC.

I like to prepare all of the parts for this salad at the beginning of the week and toss individual salads each day; sometimes for a snack, sometimes for lunch and sometimes for dinner. It’s really versatile and satisfying.  If you want to add protein for a quick meal, pressed, raw, cubed tofu or cubed tempeh work nice.

What you’ll need:

1 medium yam- cubed about the size of small croutons

1 red bell pepper (they are on the dirty dozen to try to get organic)- chopped into bit-sized pieces

2 bunches of Dinosaur Kale- cut into ribbons (I eat the rib, some people like to pull that out)

1-2 Tbsp olive oil for roasting potatoes


2 Tbsp flax or extra virgin olive oil

1 clove minced or pressed fresh garlic

4 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast (you can find this in the natural foods section of almost any grocery store)

4 Tbsp water

salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 425 degrees, toss potatoes with olive oil and spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Roast approximately 25-30 minutes- watch them carefully so they don’t let burn; however, you do want them to crisp up just like a crouton.  When they are done just pull them out and let them cool on the sheet.  While you are waiting for the potatoes dice up all of the salad ingredients and put each ingredient into a separate bag.  You can  use an old peanut butter jar to mix dressing (reuse and reduce).  When you are ready to chow just through a small handful of potatoes and peppers over kale and drizzle with dressing.  Really, just make it to your liking and eat however much you feel for!  Two bunches of kale would probably make 2-3 salads for me. I think it would be more like 4-5 salads for most people.

Super Power salad components. Just toss together and you have a quick lunch or snack!

Super Power salad components. Just toss together and you have a quick lunch or snack!

If adding tempeh: this is a fermented soy product (anything fermented is good for you and your digestive system). You can find it in the natural foods department in the refrigerated section.  All you need to do is take it out of the package and dice into cubes; you can eat it raw and it is SO GOOD!

If adding tofu:  First off, if you are eating tofu please buy organic.  The organic tofu is non-GMO. The general rule I follow is: when eating any soy product I get the Organic version.  You are going to want to press the tofu before adding it raw to this salad.  For pressed tofu you will want to buy the very firm variety, it can usually be found in the refrigerated section in the natural foods department. About 30 minutes before you are ready to eat it, take it out of the package,wrap in a dish towel, set on your counter and put something heavy on it (a stack of plates, a pot, a dutch oven….) the combination of the towel and weight will draw some of the liquid out of the tofu.  After about 30 minutes the tofu will compress and feel slightly firm- that means it’s ready. I eat 1/2 a block per serving: cut it into cubes it and toss with your super salad.  There is a lot of controversy about eating non-fermented tofu because of the estrogen in it. Just like any food item, don’t eat it every day.


Super Power Salad-Done!

Super Power Salad-Done!