Smoked Fish and Cheese

Today I can’t help it, I am dreaming about camping with the Goldies.  I am dreaming about laughter, “tropical” sunshine, clean northern waters, and of course food!  Summer is coming and I don’t want to rush it but I am really looking forward to our annual trip!

That being said, I want to share a simple camping lunch idea that you may not have thought of.  Smoked fish, hard cheese and wine! I can’t find a picture of it so you’ll just have to imagine it.

The Golides have pretty much made it a tradition to pack smoked fish and cheese for a simple, elegant and protein rich lunch.  I know, I know. There is no way to keep this meal cold but it is fine if you keep it in the shade and devour it within the first day or two.  You’ll want to make sure you purchase some hard cheese such as Manchego (it’s our favorite).  You’ll find this cheese in the special cheese section of your local grocer.  A necessary component of this meal is wine!  We always pack a Bota Box of red wine.

Seriously, sitting in the BWCA wilderness, listening to loons, smelling the warm northern forest floor and tasting this delicious meal with your best friends- it is a sensory experience!

Tip: tie your dogs up!  I am sure the Godlies would attest to this. We have had our fish and cheese plate fly all over several times due to Rocco running though it on a squirrel chase! Sorry ladies:)

In lieu of a food picture I’ll share some great Goldie camping moments!!

We used to catch our own fish, our priorities have changed over the years:)

We don’t let any of our wine go to waste!

Exactly the scene that I am dreaming of today!

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  1. We definitely have to bring this treat for our trip this year, Tiff! Makes me drool just to think of it! p.s. Loved your pictures again! 🙂

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