Cherry-Bai Martini

Somehow I became known as the drink “mix-master” among my Goldies. It’s probably because I love, love, love dreaming up new concoctions to share with my soul-mates!  As soon as we plan a get together I start plotting my next drink.

Last winter the Goldies spent ski weekend at Wind Golides in Jordan, MN.  This was quite the departure from our normal trip to Earth Goldies cabin in the north-land.  You see, we usually “bust-ass” cross-country skiing at Sugar Hills.  I’m serious, we ski for at least three hours without hardly having the breath to talk to one-another.  This year we skied side-by-side and chatted the entire time! What a welcome, relaxing and invigorating change.  When the Godlies are all together you can just feel the energy-I love you women!

OK, so we didn’t just ski. We also devoured some great food, some not-so-great food (head-cheese), and sipped on the cocktails I’m sharing here.

These drinks are best shared with your closes friends.

Ingredients (per serving)

2 oz R.W. Knudsen Just Tart Cheery juice (usually found in the natural foods section)

2 oz Coconut Bai Juice

1 oz Dragon Berry Bacardi

1 oz Bacardi

1/4 lime-squeezed


Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Drink in your favorite martini glass.  When the Goldies get together we all bring our own personalized metal martini glasses- just so you know, they can be taken apart so they can be transported easily into the Boundary Waters for camping!

We enjoyed these drinks along with some head-cheese. While it was fun to try, I’m not sure I would recommend it!




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